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   Campbell Companies

  • Top Training Firm - Wealth & Finance Award 2020
  • Top Innovation Consultant - Insights Award 2019
  • Top Training Firm - Wealth & Finance Award 2018
  • Top Business Consultant - CV Magazine 2017



Inspiring Learners, Dreamers & Achievers

   GLEE Dance On Demand provides:

- Classes available anywhere w/internet

- Class access for your entire household

- Mask free, safe where you are learning

- Classes for all ages (toddlers-senior citizens)

- Classes for all levels & abilities

- Dance, fitness and enrichment for at home learners

- At home supplement for those who take studio classes

- Programs for schools, childcare & senior communities

- Option to pause, rewind, repeat and progress at will

- Convenience; take classes when they fit your schedule

- Learn at your own pace, boost confidence, have fun! 

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